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Our Philosophy

Here at IT Portfolio, we feel pretty strongly about a lot of things. How IT support should really be conducted. How we should conduct ourselves. How we're going to treat our customers.

Here are ten things that we believe. If you like what we have to say, chances are, you're the type of customer we'd like to help.

  • We think small and medium-sized businesses are not getting the right kind of IT support, at the right price.
  • To that end, we think small to medium-sized companies are paying too much for IT support, and not getting the advisory services that make decisions strategic.
  • We think it's our responsibility to help companies understand their IT infrastructure, and get the most performance out of their existing systems.
  • We think IT systems and infrastructure should be built to support your business processes, not drive them.
  • We believe IT budgets are best spent on strategic and preventive maintenance, rather than applied to fixing emergencies.

  • We believe that IT support is valuable but that paying for it shouldn't break the bank.
  • We believe in building IT systems and infrastructure that you will really use. We're not going to recommend some fancy program or enterprise-level system, where you use only 20 percent of the system.
  • We believe in good communication with our customers. For example, we'll speak in plain English so you understand your options. We'll tell you the pros and cons of each option. Then you decide what makes sense for your business.
  • We believe that an IT consultant who is vendor-independent will make the best, most objective recommendations.
  • We believe you should understand what you are paying for in IT service and support (to that end, our bills are detailed and specific).

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